Pooptastic 2 in 1 All Natural Toilet Bowl Sprays


Pooptastic is an After You Go toilet bowl spray that provides 2 for 1 benefits:
1.  Deodorizes the toilet bowl area for long hours after you go/flush.
2.  Benefits include help keeping the toilet bowl clean/rancid free and helps prevent toilet bowl ring formation.

Fine mist sprayer.  About 220 sprays/bottle    75-110 uses per bottle.

All natural essential oils.   No alcohol, water, synthetic fragrances or synthetic solvents.  Readily biodegradable. 
Why flush the ingredients down the toilet immediately like other before you go poop products.Did You Know:

Water acts as a very good barrier for malodor smells like poop. This is why all toilets and sinks have a water trap. Water in the toilet bowl already does a good job of providing a barrier when the poop drops into the toilet bowl.

What smells during toilet use is malodor due to wiping, farting.   Before you go products do not “trap” any of these malodors since they sit above the water surface.  Before you go products are not as effective if you poop/pass gas between the 1st and 2nd flush.